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Unique online spaces for all of your interests and places.

What is is a website to help event-based communities to coordinate online.

Any type of event can be published on We currently have a small number of dance communities, forró, balfolk, fusion and a little tango, but the site is open to everyone. We will continue to expand and actively curate events on behalf of all types of communities.

The design of shifts the power from media giants and corporate advertisers back to you –  the communities that generate the real value.

What is your passion?

Enter a safe space.

Meet people who share your interests. enables meaningful connections.

Empowering you & your communities

Going to a festival in a city you don’t know? Want to practise? Need some advice?

Ask people who share your passion!

No noise, no ads just you and good information. is created for…

Organizers, teachers, artists, musicians, DJs… is built to allow you to publish your events, classes, and gatherings once, but display them easily everywhere your community exists online.

Publish once, display everywhere

Volunteers, event curators, local guides, connectors, hosts… has been created to help you make your community open, inclusive,  supportive, and – above all – connected.

Bring your community together

Everyone who loves real-world events is the easiest way to stay connected with your community.

And, it is the quickest way to find out what is happening.

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We are a values-first organization, and this is what we believe in:

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