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I am very happy that my life’s path has intersected with the team at Public Spaces and that I am now a member of it. Here’s how that happened. First, I became a dancer well over a decade ago when some girlfriends dragged me into a Salsa club in little Luxembourg. I couldn’t tell Salsa […]


Looking for privacy in plain English? It’s probably pretty safe to assume that you haven’t read a ton of privacy policies in your life, and we won’t take offence if you skipped ours too. Privacy policies tend to dive straight into the legalese, so companies can dot their i’s and cross their t’s. In the […]

Plug.events is a tool that serves natural communities, and as such, one of the first phases of each of our development projects is the phase of mapping data models onto aspects of those natural communities. While we have the same types of data as many other social media platforms – user accounts, conversations, events, notifications, […]

Star Ford

I have always been fringe in the tech industry – rarely in corporate environments and very uncomfortable there when it was necessary. Instead I found startups and other short term or riskier contracts that allowed me to work independently. I originally wanted to be a teacher and studied education in college; however, software paid more […]

As our platform gets more sophisticated, our brand also evolves. For a long time, we have been conscious of our need for a visual identity that helps us stand out and stick in people’s minds, to tie our content and communications together under a single theme. It’s the first thing people we interact with see […]

Hello, my name is Claudia Ciniglio, and I work in events management. I’m passionate about creating memorable experiences for people, and I’ve been fortunate to do so in my career. Aside from my work, I have a few hobbies that I love to indulge in. One of them is Forró, a traditional dance style from […]

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Introduction The chicken-and-egg paradox is a common problem for startups. A marketplace needs buyers to attract sellers and sellers to attract buyers. Much like how a young professional needs experience to get a job, but a job to gain experience. Successful tech startups, including Airbnb, Reddit, Facebook, and Amazon, have discovered a simple solution: curating […]

Claim Events Anyone can create an event in Plug.events, not just organisers, teachers and curators. Perhaps you didn’t realise this? This means that if you know of an event that is not on Plug.events, even if it isn’t yours, you can add it. This way you can promote events in your community helping it grow, […]

I live in beautiful South West France where I am renovating a house, creating a garden and generally enjoying life! I came here several years ago having spent more years than I care to remember as a business analyst for companies like Sainsbury’s, Pfizer and the NHS. Finally, I saw the light and decided to […]

There is a probably familiar quote that floats around the internet, attributed to ancient Chinese mystic Lau Tzu in the Tao Te Ching.  It goes, “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; Watch your words, they become your actions; Watch your actions, they become habits; Watch your habits, they become your character; Watch your character, it […]

Greetings! In this month’s newsletter, you’ll get a glimpse at the new recurring events feature, which makes it easier and quicker to add your entire calendar of events to the site. We will also be sharing our story with you by sitting down with our founders and contributors to learn about why they joined the Plug family.  But first, […]

Building a system that puts communities in charge If you’re reading this and it sounds familiar, you might be right. We read Substack’s moderation policy and found that it is so aligned with our own views that we were inspired to use it as a basis for our own policy. Chris, Hamish, and Jairaj, we […]

Hello! With August in full swing, a bunch of new events have been added to Plug.Events since last month!   In this month’s newsletter, we want to give you a glimpse into what we’ve been working on and share how the platform is growing. We’re working hard to find ways to provide you all with the […]

I have been working on Plug, at least in spirit, for over 10 years. After university my main interests were at the intersection of community and environmentalism. I worked with my dad at home installing a wind turbine, solar panels and growing own food, and we organised meet ups through an organisation called GIY Ireland, […]

Hi there,  We know it’s been a while but we’re reaching out with some exciting updates about all the work we’ve been doing at Plug.Events! We promise it’s worth the read. The New Plug.Events Experience We are thrilled to share our new website with you! Behind the scenes, we’ve been creating an innovative way for communities to find, […]

We recently chose a new name and wanted to tell you the story behind it. Plug is a descendent of many projects. Before we became a team, each of us worked on our own websites to solve essentially the same problem or some aspect of it. We will tell those stories later. The beginning of […]

Someone once said you gotta serve somebody. But who do social media apps serve? Users? Advertisers? Investors? Founders & Directors? Employees? The reality is a complex interplay of confluent and conflicting interests, balanced but perpetually unstable, requiring extraordinary amounts of money from advertising and investment capital to resist the sometimes orthogonal and sometimes opposing forces […]

Our core values are, in no particular order: Challenge; Authenticity; Care; Responsibility. We came to these values over a long time and a lot of thought and rigour. They are not simply preferences of ours. They are discovered, not invented. For us these are primary values, from which all other values emerge. Even our algorithm […]